Meet the team

Jai Carson

National Trainer

Jai was born in Arlington, VA and raised in Southwest D.C. He is a natural athlete and leader. When he wasn’t on the field or court, he worked with the non-profit HICKS (Help Inner City Kids Succeed). This experience began his face-to-face fundraising career at ten years old, where he collected donations for school supplies and field trips.

He continued that work through high school and is now a board member for HICK. After playing college football and graduating with his Bachelor of Science degree in management information systems and minor in accounting, Jai launched a career in sales and marketing. Following the birth of his first child, JJ (Jai Jr.), he moved to Durham, NC, to be closer to his wife’s family. He joined Farmer’s Consulting LLC and the face-to-face fundraising industry; the rest is history.

 Jai quickly climbed the ranks because of his skill, passion, and infectious optimism. He ingrains each of our canvassers with his principles. Supervising our largest team, Jai spreads his time across all our markets, supporting and helping new team members find their passion for the F2F industry. Jai is a family man, athlete, brother, and proud believer in God. When he isn’t helping his family, building his businesses, or exercising, Jai loves his recliner and watching his brother play football. Jai met his wife Megan in college and had JJ in 2020. They welcomed their second son Jiakir on November 10th, 2022!