Meet the team

Savana Mjalli

Director of Culture

Savana Mjalli grew up in Palestine and attended Al-Quds Bard college. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in urban studies and special practices. She started off as a server in Bethlehem at a cultural center. From there, she worked as a project manager facilitating events. Savana eventually became licensed to sell insurance products. She moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and went back into serving prior to being hired by Farmer’s Consulting, LLC.

Savana is passionate in the realm of illuminating folks about the world outside of the United States. She enjoys spreading knowledge about what is happening in the middle east. She commonly supports people by serving as a sounding board. While living in Palestine, she would travel to refugee camps to teach refugees about mindfulness and meditative practice.

Savana is a compassionate person and loves to encourage and motivate people to do their very best. She would one day like to become a life coach and open her own meditation center. Savana is an adventure seeker who enjoys exploring. She loves engaging in activities that help her overcome her fears, like skiing and skydiving. She enjoys spending her downtime with her partner and their two cats.